(S)Nu-Punk/Rock from Ingolstadt/Germany


"Children Today ... I'm still waiting" (Official Video)


After playing in cover-rock bands for what felt like an eternity, in September 2011 the guys of SNU:MeN from Ingolstadt / Germany were fed up with cover-music and decided to do their own thing. They started to write their own songs following their heroes from the melodic hardcore and punk scene. These and sometimes heavier influences can be heard throughout all songs. The story of the band almost ended before it even started. Without anyone to book them they started to believe no one was interested in their music. Fortunately this down phase ended, when they played their first gig winning a local band contest. A few gigs and many hours in the rehearsing room later, they took a handful of songs to the recording studio. In 2012 they held their first EP ‘This is not the end’ in their hands which was topping the ‘newcomer charts’. Don’t wanting to rest on the laurels of their success they started to write new songs to form a full-length album. In 2014 the debut album ‘No time to rest’ was finally finished, created 100% DIY in the bands rehearsal room ‘SNUdio’. After a phenomenal release concert and a small tour it seemed that the band ran out of steam. But spurred by their fans the SNU-train picked up speed to write new songs again. More than two years of hard work later the band released their new self-entitled album ‘SNU:MeN’ in November 2017. Once again the album was recorded DIY in the ‘SNUdio’, produced and mixed by the band and mastered by ‘GKG Mastering’. The important milestone for the band is emphasized by the self-entitled name of the album ‘SNU:MeN’.

SNU:MeN are: David Speth – vocals/guitars, Thomas Graf – guitars/vocals, Lorenz Hüttner – bass/vocals, Thomas Ploner – drums

The new record 'SNU:MeN' (self-entitled)

released on November 11th 2017
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# Track
01 Children Today...
02 ...I'm still waiting
03 All that remains
04 Reptiles and Dinosaurs
05 Till the End of Time
06 Only One
08 Life is (not) a Game
09 Walls of Hate
10 Phenix
11 Bro Song
12 A better Place
13 Noble Punk



Genre: (S)Nu-Punk/Rock

They call their mix of Punk-Rock and Nu-Rock "(S)Nu-Punk/Rock" and it will guarantee party-atmosphere, especially live when ‘SNU’ the snowman will heat up the mood despite his cold nature!

suitable for fans of: Rise Against, The Offspring, Sum41, NoFx, Lagwagon, No Use For A Name ...

shared the stage with: Eläkeläiset, BRDigung, Q-Box, Rustinal, Money Left to Burn, Blackstone, Escoban, First Class Ticket, The Restless, Montreal, Lustfinger, Looking for Alaska, Noise Island, Annisokay, Amplified Hate

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